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6 bottles of kombucha from Folk in Kødbyen – The Nordic kombucha that’s been declared an all-time favorite by David Zilber and British Vogue

It’s fermented, alcohol-free, and full of complex flavors. For the uninitiated, think of it as a healthier version of a craft soda – no less effervescent, but refreshingly acidic in taste. At Folk, they blend tradition and science to brew kombucha with a contemporary Nordic twist. Founder Nina Parna began researching and developing her recipes over a decade ago in the Nordic Food Lab under the mentorship of Claus Meyer. Today, her kombucha collection is on the menu at everything from POPL and Slurp to Fiskebaren and JATAK. Copenhagen’s father of fermentation, David Zilber, crowned Folk’s kombucha his all-time favorite, and British Vogue declared it the drink of the season. Cheers to that!


Enjoy 6 bottles of kombucha from Folk. Go all in and get a box filled with your favorite flavor, or choose a variety box and try the whole collection. Stop by their brewery in Kødbyen to pick up your bottles and get a glimpse of where the magic happens. Each of their kombuchas is brewed with a base of Chun Mee green tea and lemon verbena. Try Sea Buckthorn with fruity aromas of tangy citrus. Delight in Rosehip, which has delicate floral notes with a hint of honey. Taste Sour Cherry with bittersweet notes of tart stone fruit. Discover Linden Flower, which has a fragrant, floral sweetness. Drink these remarkably balanced kombuchas with a meal, as an alcohol-free after-work drink, or as a refreshing beverage in the spring and summer sun. It’s a delicious pairing for pretty much any occasion.


The voucher is redeemable at Folk.
The voucher can be used from today until May 10, 2024.
Each voucher is good for 6 bottles of kombucha – select a single flavor or opt for a variety box. Purchase one or more vouchers.


Monday 8:00-16:00
Tuesday - Thursday 12:00-16:00
Friday 8:00-16:00


You may have heard of the Slow Food movement, but Folk is slowing down the beverage scene in the best way. They realize that good things take time, and when it comes to fermentation, a handful of weeks can lead to a whole new world of flavors. At their state-of-the-art brewery in the heart of Kødbyen, they combine traditional fermentation techniques with an experimental approach to breathe new life into kombucha. Inspired by Nordic ingredients, they use organic fruits, flowers, and herbs to craft entirely unique sensory experiences. Even the skeptical first-time kombucha tasters keep coming back for another sip.


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