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6-course menu at Østeria – This eclectic restaurant is redefining both the Italian osteria and the Østerbro vibe

The meaning behind the clever name needs no explanation, but Østeria is more than the sum of its parts. Although the aesthetic fits the mold of Østerbro’s embassy quarter, with burgundy paneled walls and pristine table settings, the atmosphere feels jovial. In the kitchen, they draw inspiration from the humble ‘good food, good wine’ spirit of Italian osterias, yet they execute each dish with impressive finesse. The result? Østeria has a vibrancy typically attributed to restaurants in Nørrebro or Vesterbro and a menu that had Politiken saying, ‘We wanted more – we wanted it all.’


Enjoy a 5-course ‘Giro Cucina’ menu + dessert at Østeria. The menu is chef’s choice, so dishes rotate regularly and reflect the best produce of the season. Start the meal with an assortment of antipasti, like creamy stracciatella with pickled beetroot, mustard seeds, and toasted buckwheat. Dive into seabass crudo garnished with trout roe, fresh radish, jalapeño, and a drizzle of herb oil. Taste beef carpaccio topped with truffle and green peppercorn emulsion, frisée greens, and 24-month parmigiano reggiano cheese. Next, delight in handmade pasta, such as strozzapreti with oxtail ragu, smoked bone marrow, and black pepper pecorino cheese. Savor hanger steak with balsamic-braised onion compote, grilled spring onions, and salted pearl onions. Indulge in tiramisu with made-from-scratch ladyfingers, amaretto- and marsala-spiked coffee, rich mascarpone, and a dusting of cocoa powder.


The voucher is redeemable at Østeria.
The voucher can be used from today until June 20, 2024.
Each voucher is valid for one person. Purchase one or more vouchers.
Please reserve a table at oesteria.dk and note “Giro Cucina + dessert” on your booking.
The menu can be made vegetarian. If this is your preference, please add it to your note when booking.


Tuesday - Thursday 17:30-23:00
Friday - Saturday 17:30-24:00


The Østeria team took a chance on Østerbro, and they’re glad they did; the saying, ‘If you build it, they will come,’ has proven true. Not only do people come, but they come from all parts of the city, again and again. Regulars are greeted by name, and shots of housemade limoncello are shared as a sign of affection. Here, the approach to cooking is uncompromising – so much so that if they can’t find the perfect ingredient, they go ahead and make it themselves. This is a place where the details are all taken care of, and so are you.


Dag Hammarskjölds Alle 1B
2100 Copenhagen Ø