Trading conditions

Tipster facilitates the sale of goods and services on behalf of various suppliers.

When you purchase a voucher via, you accept the following general terms and conditions:

It is the Supplier, not Tipster, who delivers the goods or services that a voucher provides access to.

To purchase vouchers via, you must be at least 18 years old. By ordering vouchers on, you confirm that you are 18 years or older.

1. Ordering Vouchers

Vouchers are ordered online via

When ordering a voucher via, you provide your name, email address, zip code, and mobile phone number.

After placing the order, you can find your order number in your profile. You need to include the relevant order number in any inquiries sent to [email protected].

In the event of a minimum buyer requirement, payment is only required when the offer purchase period has ended and the minimum number of buyers has been achieved. If the minimum buyer requirement is not met, the sale of the voucher will not be completed and no charges will be made.

The sale of the voucher is only complete when Tipster successfully registers your payment. If your payment fails to process (for reasons including but not limited to: the account you provided does not exist or lacks funds, the credit card number is incorrect, or the card has reached its credit limit), the sale of the voucher will not proceed.

Once your purchase is completed, the voucher will be sent to you via email to the email address you provided while ordering. The voucher will be sent immediately after the payment is registered in our account.

By purchasing on, you are automatically subscribed to our newsletter featuring "Daily Campaigns". You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time if you do not wish to receive it.

2. Prices

Prices for goods and services are determined by Tipster according to the agreement. All listed prices are final retail prices, including VAT.

Rights related to errors, exchange rate fluctuations, price changes, and technical errors are reserved.

3. Payment

You can use Dankort, Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Maestro, JBC, American Express, and Mobile Pay for payment.

4. Redemption of Vouchers

All vouchers are assigned a unique voucher number. You must provide the voucher number when redeeming your voucher. You can redeem vouchers individually or together, up to the quantity allowed per person for a given campaign. Copying or manipulating vouchers in any way is not allowed. In case of suspicion of copying or manipulation, Tipster reserves the right to disclose relevant information to the Supplier.

The validity period of your voucher is stated on the voucher and is also disclosed before you order. Unless otherwise specified, the voucher is valid for 1 year from the date of issue. If the voucher relates to a product or service offered by the Supplier for a specific period (e.g., a special one-time event), the validity of the voucher is automatically limited to that period.

You must use the full value of your voucher in a single purchase, unless stated otherwise.

If the Supplier is unable to provide the purchased service within the validity period specified on the voucher, the Supplier is obligated to refund the amount you paid for the voucher.

5. Right of Withdrawal

As a private customer, you have a 14-day full right of withdrawal from the day you receive the voucher via email. The right of withdrawal does not apply to the purchase of vouchers for tickets to events or similar, as tickets are exempt from the right of withdrawal according to the Consumer Agreements Act § 17, paragraph 2, cf. § 9, paragraph 2, no. 2a.

You must return the voucher to Tipster within the withdrawal period. Send the voucher via email to [email protected]. Remember to include the order number.

If you have exercised the right of withdrawal in time and have returned the voucher, Tipster will refund the amount you paid for the voucher as soon as possible. The refund will be made by crediting the purchase amount to the credit card used when the order was placed.

It is not possible to withdraw a purchase after the voucher has been redeemed with the Supplier.

6. Limitation of Liability and Reservations

Tipster disclaims any responsibility for the goods or services delivered by the Supplier in connection with the redemption of the voucher. The goods or services that your voucher provides access to are delivered by the Supplier in their own name and at their own expense, and therefore, Tipster is not responsible for any errors or defects in connection with the Supplier's delivery of the goods or services.

Tipster has no obligation to pay compensation for any potential loss you may suffer as a result of (1) the voucher not being accepted by the Supplier, (2) the goods or services not meeting your expectations. Tipster reserves the right to correct any writing and/or printing errors on

Any claims for defects and compensation can only be made against the Supplier.

Tipster aims to make available at all times but cannot guarantee that the site is fully functional and error-free at all times. Tipster cannot be held responsible for any consequences of using, such as damage to your computer system or loss of data.

You are responsible for the technical equipment and software required to use the website, such as internet access, browser, email, etc. Tipster also disclaims responsibility for any loss caused by a user accessing and using

7. Processing of Personal Data / GDPR

Personal data includes various kinds of information that can be attributed to you to some extent. When you use our website, we collect and process several such pieces of information. This happens, for example, when accessing content, subscribing to our newsletter, participating in competitions or surveys, registering as a user, making purchases, etc.

We typically collect and process the following types of information: a unique ID and technical information about your computer, tablet, or mobile phone, including your IP address, geographic location, and which pages you click on (interests). To the extent that you explicitly consent and enter the information yourself, we also process: name, phone number, email, and address. This is typically done when creating a user profile.

If you would like to have your data removed from our database, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Data Removal". For security reasons, the email must be sent from the same email account which was used to register the Tipster account (for removal of a user account) or subscribe to the newsletter (for removal of an email subscription).

7.1 Security

We have taken technical and organizational measures to prevent your information from being accidentally or unlawfully deleted, disclosed, lost, impaired, made accessible to unauthorized persons, misused, or otherwise processed in violation of the law.

7.2 Purpose

The information we collect is used to identify you as a user, show you the campaigns that are most likely to be relevant to you, record your purchases and payments, and deliver the services you have requested, such as sending a newsletter. Additionally, we use the information to optimize our services and content.

7.3 Storage Period

The information is stored for the time period permitted by law, and we delete it when it is no longer needed. The period of storage depends on the nature of the information and the reason for storage. Therefore, it is not possible to specify a general timeframe for when information is deleted.

7.4 Disclosure of Information

Data about your use of the website, the campaigns you receive and possibly click on, geographic location, gender, and age segment, etc., are disclosed to third parties to the extent that this information is known. Such information is used for campaign targeting.

We also use a range of third parties for the storage and processing of data. These third parties process information solely on our behalf and may not use it for their own purposes.

We only use data processors in the EU or in countries that can securely store your information with sufficient protection.

You can find the law in its entirety and read about the Data Protection Agency at:

7.5 Insight and Complaints

You have the right to be informed about what personal data we process about you. You can also object at any time to the use of such information and/or revoke your consent. If the information processed about you is incorrect, you have the right to have it corrected or deleted. Inquiries can be sent to: [email protected].

8. In Case of Errors or Problems

If there are errors or problems with the voucher or its redemption, Tipster will assist in finding a solution. In such cases, you can contact us at [email protected].

9. Changes to Terms

Tipster has the right to change these terms at any time. The current terms will always be available on

10. Choice of Law and Disputes

Purchases via related to the above terms are subject to Danish law. By using the website, you acknowledge that any dispute between you and Tipster regarding the above terms must be decided by the Danish courts.

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These terms were last updated on March 16, 2024.