Øens Spisested
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10-course menu at Øens Spisested in Amager – A restaurant that takes terroir and seasonality to the highest level with the help of local hunters, fishermen, farmers, and foragers

Imagine a restaurant where fish is pulled from the sea and ends up in the kitchen within hours. Wild game is hunted and butchered on the same day. Herbs and flowers are foraged from forests just a few kilometers away. A place where seasonality and terroir are embodied in the truest sense. No, it isn’t Noma or Kadeau. Rather, it’s the devoutly ‘Amar’kan’ restaurant Øens Spisested. Here, they’re charmingly unpretentious, yet they lead you on a gastronomic journey you can’t get anywhere else in the city – and yes, it’s worth the trip to Amager. Berlingske’s reviewer said it’s, ‘so good that I would cross the bridges myself to get my hands on the menu,’ and honestly, so should you.


Enjoy a 10-course menu at Øens Spisested. The menu is chef’s choice, so dishes rotate regularly and reflect the best produce of the season. Taste a modern take on Amagermad comprised of grilled sourdough, deer tartare, crunchy rye bread, and black garlic mayo. Delight in a croustade filled with trout roe and pickled lemon. Have tender asparagus with Havgus cheese emulsion. Try wild-caught trout garnished with watercress and local honey, followed by new potatoes with ramson and pea flowers. Eat pan-seared king trumpet mushrooms with a sauce of caramelized onions and elderflower. Savor housemade goose sausage served with mustard seeds and fermented cabbage. Get handmade ravioli with wild herb pesto and mushroom velouté, then bite into a crispy deer croquette with fresh mint. Indulge in a dessert of vanilla mousse topped with ripe strawberries, fried elderflowers, strawberry gelée, and crystalized white chocolate.


The voucher is redeemable at Øens Spisested.
The voucher can be used from today until November 7, 2024.
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The menu is served Tuesday - Wednesday from 17:30-22:00 and Thursday - Saturday from 17:30-24:00.
Please reserve a table at oeensspisested.dk and note ‘10-course menu’ on your booking.
The menu can be made pescatarian. If this is your preference, please add it to your note when booking.


Tuesday - Wednesday 17:30-22:00
Thursday - Saturday 17:30-24:00
Sunday 12:00-22:00


They use ingredients from the surrounding island of Amager and develop new dishes based on what the local hunters, fishermen, farmers, and foragers bring them. With that, their menu changes almost daily. The unparalleled freshness and fluidity at Øens Spisested make every visit a captivating experience, but on top of that, they’re also seasoned storytellers. The chairs and cutlery are mismatched, the walls are decorated with antique ‘Amagerhylder’, and the tables are carved with images depicting tales of the local area. Taste inventive, hyper-local dishes and let the down-to-earth team at Øens Spisested show you Amager’s underrated splendor.


Holmbladsgade 70E
2300 Copenhagen S