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Mixed Mushroom Box from BYGAARD in Refshaleøen – Visit the Michelin restaurants’ mushroom pusher and bring home flavor-packed mushrooms grown in upcycled containers

As you walk towards the heart of Refshaleøen, a lush garden comes into view. Follow the path to BYGAARD, where upcycled industrial containers are stacked side by side. The steel is a stark contrast to the surrounding greenery, but if you peek behind their doors, they too are bursting with life. BYGAARD was founded by a team of visionaries who believe the future of a better food system lies in urban agriculture. When you taste their mushrooms, you’ll become a believer, too. Michelin-starred restaurants across the city prominently feature these mushrooms on their menus – from Koan and Geranium to Noma – and now, you can cook them in your home kitchen.


Get a mixed box of organic mushrooms from BYGAARD. You’ll get 1 kg of today’s selection of mushrooms in 4-5 unique varieties. Stop by their containers in Refshaleøen to pick up your box and see where the mushroom-growing magic happens. Try black pearl or king oyster mushrooms – use them as a vegetarian alternative to scallops or squid, bake and pull them for a saucy sandwich creation, or slice them on a mandolin into thin pasta-like strands. Taste umami-bomb shiitake mushrooms, which are versatile to cook with and have the richness of red meat. Cook nameko mushrooms, whose caps have a glutinous protein layer that acts as a natural thickener for soups, sauces, and dishes like mushrooms á la créme. Sauté, pickle, or fry freshly harvested mushrooms in varieties like lion’s mane, pioppino, blue oyster, and more.


The voucher is redeemable at BYGAARD.
The voucher can be used from today until September 15, 2024.
Each voucher is good for a 1 kg mixed mushroom box. Purchase one or more vouchers.
PLEASE NOTE: The voucher is valid for pick-up orders only, and you must book a pick-up time prior to collecting your mushroom box. Visit to select your preferred time slot. Collection is possible Monday - Friday from 8:00-15:00 and Saturday - Sunday from 11:00-15:00.


Monday - Friday 8:00-15:00
Saturday - Sunday 11:00-15:00


It all began in a basement in Sydhavnen and has since expanded to 300 square meters of growing space. For over a decade, the BYGAARD team has been at the forefront of urban agriculture in Copenhagen. After experimenting with a wide range of homegrown goods, they decided to focus on what chef Matt Orlando deemed ‘unicorn products’ – mushrooms with the kind of flavor density you usually only dream of. At BYGAARD, transparency and sustainability are paramount. They use upcycled materials, collaborate with neighboring small producers, and always strive to stay close to the consumer. With circularity in mind, their mushrooms are the delicious gift that keeps on giving.


Refshalevej 159b
1432 Copenhagen K