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Pick whatever you like at Elis Copenhagen in City Center – With Sardinian roots and years of expertise, Elia Filosa serves second-to-none gelato, churros, affogatos, and more

He grew up on the island of Sardinia and moved to Denmark 12 years ago. He studied the craft of making gelato in Italy and was one of the lead ice cream makers at Ismageriet for over three years. For the past decade, he has graced the streets of Copenhagen with churros, roasted chestnuts, and more. Now, Elia Filosa’s indulgent delicacies have come together under one roof at Elis Copenhagen. The ingredients are organic, the quality is unbeatable, and the flavor combinations are seemingly endless. With innovations like olive oil gelato and licorice lattes, both science and artistry are at play. Run, don’t walk – this newly opened shop is quickly becoming one of the city’s top spots for sweet treats.


Pick whatever you like at Elis Copenhagen. Take a seat inside, or grab your treats to go and stroll along the harbor. Choose from 20 flavors of made-from-scratch gelato, ranging from classics to more adventurous varieties. Taste olive oil gelato made with organic Sicilian olive oil, coffee gelato made with specialty coffee beans, and pistachio gelato made with Sicilian pistachios. Try ‘la crema’ gelato, a classic Italian flavor with homemade custard and fresh lemon zest. Get scoops of stracciatella, dulce de leche, and mango gelato. Indulge in churros filled with hazelnut cream, strawberry jam, or something salty-sweet like gorgonzola cream. Bite into a fried Berliner topped with soft serve or a scoop of gelato. Eat a seasonal treat in the winter like warm roasted chestnuts served with salted butter. Sip on a licorice latte, matcha latte, or golden milk made with turmeric, cinnamon, and ginger. Get your caffeine fix and enjoy coffee brewed with Elis’ signature blend of Nordic Roasting Co. beans – everything from espressos and cappuccinos to affogatos and more.


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Monday - Sunday 11:00-21:00


Elis Copenhagen is the ultimate treat-yourself experience, with ingredients and craftsmanship that are second to none. The man behind it, Elia Filosa, hails from the motherland of gelato and has dedicated his career to mouthwatering treats and specialty coffee. As a professional chef and maestro of sweets, he doesn’t shy away from experimenting with intriguing savory-sweet combinations like gorgonzola-filled churros. A love of food runs in his blood, and it’s none other than his mother Martha, fondly known as the ‘mammager’, who helps run the shop. True to Italian form, this place is fueled by pure passion.


Holbergsgade 22
1057 Copenhagen K