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Pick whatever you like at KALA in Nørrebro – A rare gem near the lakes where the food and drinks truly taste as good as they look

Opening a café might sound romantic to many, but few actually take the leap, and even fewer create one as captivating as KALA. Just steps down the street from the lakes, this stunning spot is an ideal backdrop for breakfast, lunch, coffee, and cozy chats. Stop by and stay a while, enjoying everything from banana bread and matcha oatmeal to an impeccable iced latte. Specials such as brioche French toast and omelets are added to the menu on weekends, and you can also pop in for a beer or glass of wine later in the day. KALA is a rare gem where the enticing food and drinks taste as good as they look, and the warm, relaxing vibes invite you to come back again and again.


Pick whatever you like at KALA. Everything is made in-house, apart from the top-notch laminated pastries and sourdough bread, which come from Andersen & Maillard. Bite into freshly baked banana bread with a drizzle of hazelnut cream. Taste matcha oatmeal with chia seeds, yogurt, and nutty granola. Eat a sourdough bun with butter and cheese, or toasted rye bread with avocado, paprika, and chives. If you can’t decide, go for the Kala Plate and try a bit of everything. Grab a croissant, cinnamon swirl, or cookie of the day. Eat a grilled sandwich with serrano ham, fresh rucola, sundried tomatoes, and truffle mayo, or get a veggie version with grilled peppers, avocado, and hummus. To drink, try their signature iced latte topped with creamy cold foam. Sip everything from filter coffee and flat whites to chai lattes, lemonade, fresh juice, and more.


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Monday - Saturday 8:00-17:00
Sunday 9:00-16:00


Behind KALA is a tight-knit group of family and friends who decided to turn their dreams of opening a café into reality. Collectively, they bring years of experience in the café sphere as well as a shared passion for nutrition and wellness. Inspired by the new-wave coffee shops of Berlin, they set out to create a community-oriented space with a curated menu based on local ingredients. It was a passion-driven project to bring this vision to life, from developing the perfect recipes to building the bar by hand, and the result is nothing short of sublime. An independently owned place where you can feel the heart and soul in every detail, KALA is among the cream of the crop for cafés in Copenhagen.


Ryesgade 25
2200 Copenhagen N