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Pick any two smørrebrød at Ripotot – A petite oasis in the center of the city serving Danish smørrebrød with refined French twists

Looking out over Store Kongensgade is Ripotot, a petite oasis in the center of the city with a seasonal French menu and an intimate atmosphere. During lunch, soft jazz music plays in the background, apart from a slight change of tune when the royal guards march by just outside the restaurant’s window at 13:00. Formerly behind the pans at AOC, Chef Mikkel Toftgaard Gregersen also cooked alongside the renowned British chef Heston Blumenthal in London before opening up a buzzy place of his own back home in Denmark. At Ripotot, he uses French ingredients and techniques to recreate familiar Danish smørrebrød with impressive finesse.


Pick two smørrebrød of your choice at Ripotot. The menu is driven by seasonal ingredients, so even the classic smørrebrød pieces are tweaked often to reflect the best produce the head chef can find. Bite into buttery toasted brioche topped with hard-boiled eggs, shrimps, and rich hollandaise. Delight in creamy chicken salad with green apple and crispy chicken skin. Taste a tartlet filled with roasted rabbit, Madeira sauce, and white asparagus. Feast on butter-fried plaice with housemade remoulade and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Try a French take on ‘kartoffelmad’ with monalisa potatoes, pickled red onions, and lovage emulsion. Enjoy beef tartare, mushroom á la crème, and more.


The voucher is redeemable at Ripotot.
The voucher can be used from today until August 17, 2024.
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Smørrebrød is served Wednesday - Saturday, from 11:30-14:30.
(Note: During the month of July, the restaurant is only open Thursday - Saturday)
Please reserve a table at and note ‘Smørrebrød’ on your booking.


Wednesday - Saturday 11:30-14:30

Tuesday - Saturday 17:30-24:00


Wes Andersen found his muse for the movie ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ in Jura, France at a family-run place called Le Grande Hotel Ripotot, which also happens to be the inspiration behind the name of this small, captivating restaurant in the heart of downtown Copenhagen. Here, refined French dishes and Danish smørrebrød are served in a romantic yet informal setting with ‘hygge’ emanating from every corner and no bad seats in the house. The chefs are classically trained, the ingredients come from Denmark and France, and the location is hard not to fall in love with. In true French form, Ripotot is a restaurant that leaves you feeling both fulfilled and a little bit enamored.


Store Kongensgade 56
1264 Copenhagen K