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Pick whatever you like at Rødder & Vin Boutique in Nørrebro – Buy incredible bottles of wine from one of the best importers in the business and enjoy them on the spot, at home, or lakeside at Dronning Louises Bro

If you’re a wine drinker and haven’t yet been to Rødder & Vin, you really must remedy that ASAP. This is where one of the best wine importers in the business shares his most drinkable discoveries, and the vibe is as low-key as his own living room. Inviting, personal, and unpretentious, Rødder & Vin is much more than your average bottle shop. Here, everyone is welcome to stop by and re-stock their home collection, join a tasting at the revered roundtable, or take advantage of ‘benching season’ and imbibe on the spot. You can even borrow glasses, stroll 200 meters to Dronning Louises Bro with your favorite bottle, and sip the day away while soaking up the view of the lakes. Skål!


Pick whatever you like at Rødder & Vin Boutique. Buy bottles to enjoy at home, take them from ‘fridge to bridge’, or stick around and join a tasting at the shop. Sip on Experiencia Parellada 2021 from Succés Vinícola, a fresh and mineral white produced with hand-picked grapes indigenous to Catalonia. Find Funambule 2021, a pét-nat by Antoine Arraud at Château Lafitte. Get Gill 2022, an intense, aromatic, and slightly salty orange from Sicilian producer Gueli Vini. Drink La Baie 2022 from Domaine Jeandaugé, a rosé with overtones of wildflowers, and Abracadabra’s Day Glow Colour Corp 2021, a soft, herbaceous, and effervescent rosé from the Auvergne region. Taste Une Tranche 2021 from Philippe Jambon and Paul Tardieu, a medium-bodied red with notes of cherry and black pepper. Grab a Gamay like La Comtesse 2020 from Olga des Grottes, Sébastien Morin’s Beaujolais Nouveau 2023, and more.


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Tuesday - Saturday 12:00-18:00


Every bottle on the shelves has been hand-selected and every piece of art on the walls has a story behind it. The roundtable in the center of the room has become something of an icon, and so has the man himself, Solfinn Danielsen. In fact, to say he wrote the book on natural wine is no exaggeration. As the author of ‘Naturvin’ and owner of Rødder & Vin, he puts labels and hype aside to find the seriously underrated stuff you shouldn’t miss out on. Simply put, Solfinn has one clear mission at heart: Find good wine and share it with good people.


Ravnsborggade 8
2200 Copenhagen N