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Pick whatever you like at Nusa Café – The ultra-hyped sportswear brand energizing communities around the world has opened a café in the heart of Copenhagen

Their community-driven sportswear has captured the attention of all of Copenhagen, elevating it to ultra-hyped heights. Not only can you don their distinct designs, but you can also join their energetic crew. Planet Nusa invites everyone to walk, talk, run, and swim with them. With the December opening of Nusa Café, you can even eat and drink with them. Whether you need a pick-me-up on your way to work, a post-run snack, or an afternoon treat, they’ve got you covered with a small but mighty menu. This new hangout has healthy snacks and shakes, La Cabra coffee, Flere Fugle pastries, and more, all served with laid-back L.A. vibes and some of the city’s friendliest smiles.


Pick whatever you like at Nusa Café. Hang around and enjoy it on the spot, or grab it to go if you’ve gotta run – literally or figuratively! Kick-start your day with a smoothie-based Power Bowl topped with granola, pumpkin seeds, sliced banana, and coconut flakes. Bite into a BMO, cardamom bun, or lemon poppy seed swirl. Dive into a Coco Dream Bowl with coconut yogurt, granola, fresh berries, and a drizzle of olive oil. Munch on a mega-fresh salad with chopped kale, white bean + olive hummus, feta cheese, and mustard dressing. Try a nutrient-packed shake like Life on Earth with cucumber, orange, apple, kale, and spirulina, or an energy-boosting Reset shake with espresso, cocoa, dates, and goji berries. Sip on an iced strawberry matcha or sparkling lemonade with yuzu and vanilla. Get your daily dose of caffeine with freshly brewed La Cabra coffee – everything from espresso and filter coffee to lattes, flat whites, and more.


The voucher is redeemable at Nusa Café.
(Please note: The voucher is not redeemable in the clothing store.)
The voucher can be used from today until July 11, 2024.
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Monday - Friday 8:00-18:00
Saturday 9:00-16:00


Planet Nusa is a women-owned sportswear brand with community at its core. Since its inception in 2019, it has catapulted itself into the closets of Copenhageners and inspired people around the world to form connections while staying fit. Owners Mille and Kristine dreamt up Nusa Café as a casual, inviting space where anyone and everyone can come together to have a conversation over a cup of coffee, crush a nutritious shake, or scoop up a quick snack – whether or not they’re in the market for stylish new workout clothes.


Sankt Peders Stræde 30A
1453 Copenhagen K