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8-course menu at Safari in Nørrebro – This hip restaurant has been buzzing since the day it opened, and it’s still one of the city’s most popular spots years later

If Omar is the dark, debonair, almost tavern-like locale, then Safari is its light, bright, and spirited sister. Both are lastingly popular restaurants and both have stellar food. Located just down the street from the lakes, stepping into Safari feels like walking into a casual yet energetic get-together at your best friend’s apartment. Hip hop music plays from the speakers, movie posters and other quirky novelties adorn the walls, conversations are buzzing all around, and everyone has a glass in hand. You get the feeling that Safari is the place to be, and honestly, it is.


Enjoy an 8-course menu at Safari. The menu is chef’s choice, so dishes rotate regularly and reflect the best produce of the season. Start things off with a signature dish of smoky romesco and sesame sourdough baked in-house. Try creamy baccalá and confit lentils, then bite into baked celeriac topped with cured egg yolk, miso sauce, and tarragon. Taste leek confit with spicy pipian and salsa macha. Eat sweet baked onions served with a rich parmesan sauce and fresh chervil. Have handmade fettuccine with lemony mussel sauce, then savor braised oxtail and cauliflower puree on toast. Delight in two different desserts, a hibiscus-infused panna cotta with pomegranate syrup and poached pear with quince and crème fraîche.


The voucher is redeemable at Safari.
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Monday - Saturday 17:30-24:00


The food, the wine list, the decor, the music – everything about Safari is eclectic and everything is intentional. Their approach is undogmatic but self-assured, and their vision is to create a space unlike any other. It’s safe to say they’ve succeeded. The tasting menu could easily cost twice as much anywhere else, and the intimate, very personal experience they offer is one that can’t be easily replicated. Much like the dishes they serve, Safari is comforting and familiar while still keeping you on your toes with a few funky twists.


Baggesensgade 9
2200 Copenhagen N