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Pick whatever you like at Granola on Værnedamsvej – Some would say this beloved all-day bistro hasn’t changed a bit, and that’s the best part

Granola is a go-to breakfast spot for some, but many regulars enjoy savoring bistro-style dishes and sipping champagne on pretty, Parisian Værnedamsvej at any time of day. With an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1930s, it feels like the restaurant has been there just as long, yet it remains stylish. The menu is full of classics, and much of the cheeses, bread, and wines are sourced from neighboring businesses. Granola is where you go to slow down a bit and let yourself be romanced by the sweet serenity of a timeless local institution.


Pick whatever you like at Granola. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or drinks. Get the Breakfast Plate with scrambled eggs, yogurt and granola, Mangalica ham, Vesterhavs cheese, homemade marmalade, and a croissant. Delight in Citrus Fruits served with fresh mint, olive oil, and a sprinkle of sea salt. Opt for a Smoked Salmon Omelet or a Croque Monsieur with fresh greens. If you’re in the mood, drink a mimosa meanwhile. A bit later in the day, try the Beef Tartare with mustard pickles, beetroot, onion, horseradish, capers, egg yolk, and a side of fries. Pair French classics like Moules Frites and Steak Frites with a glass of white or red. For dessert, don’t miss out on an Affogato, a mainstay on the menu since day one.


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Monday - Wednesday 9:00-23:00
Thursday - Saturday 9:00-24:00
Sunday 9:00-16:00


The coffee always comes with a cookie, the spoons are laid in the sugar bowls just so, and the glasses of water are served with a precise number of ice cubes. At Granola, it’s all about the details and the simplicity of sameness. Everything is either made in-house or locally sourced, and every ingredient has a story behind it. What began as a small breakfast spot located in a nearby backyard is now a prominent all-day bistro on one of Copenhagen’s trendiest streets. Granola is here to stay, and its faithful regulars keep coming back for more.


Værnedamsvej 5
1819 Copenhagen V