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Pick whatever you like at Anh’s Spiseri og Takeaway in Vesterbro – Twenty years of cooking up Vietnamese food for the flavor fanatics of Copenhagen

Anh Lê first started working in her mom’s grill bar in northern Denmark at the age of 12, so it’s no wonder she feels at home in the kitchen. Just over 20 years ago, she was part of the team that opened LêLê, which went on to become a multi-location trendsetter in Vietnamese street food. Now, Anh is back with a cozy and casual spot focused on classic Vietnamese comfort food. Some recipes have been passed down from her grandmother and mother, while others taste of a new generation. As Anh likes to say, the menu truly has ‘food for every mood’.


Pick whatever you like at Anh’s Spiseri og Takeaway. Grab a seat in the rose-colored restaurant, or order your dinner to go. Start with a fun assortment of finger foods, such as handmade Pork Spring Rolls, Chicken and Vegetable Fried Wontons, or Fresh Shrimp Rolls with hoisin-peanut sauce. Taste the Spicy Beef Salad, with beef marinated in lemongrass, five spice, and garlic, served atop crisp greens, steamed rice, and fresh herbs. Slurp up Anh’s signature Vietnamese Ramen, with char siu pork, tiger prawns, bean sprouts, coriander, and spring onion. Or, opt for the slow-simmered Ginger Chicken, served with jasmine rice, cucumber, cabbage, homemade carrot pickles, and fresh herbs. When it comes to drinks, choose from coconut water, kombucha, Sapporo beer, and more.


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Monday - Sunday 16:00-22:00


When Anh Lê opened her first restaurant 20 years ago, Vesterbro was a different kind of place. Her love of the area’s history has rooted her there, so it was an obvious choice to open Anh’s Spiseri og Takeaway right on Vesterbrogade. Just as the neighborhood has developed, so has Anh’s approach to cooking. She says you should be happy when you cook so guests can taste the happiness when they eat. That is Vietnamese comfort food at its core.


Vesterbrogade 134
1620 Copenhagen V