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5-course sharing menu at Casamadre in Nørrebro – Fine Nordic ingredients meet comforting Italian cooking at this ‘home away from home’

When it comes to Italian cuisine, there’s no need to reinvent the (parmesan) wheel. Drawing inspiration from childhood memories of watching his mother and grandmother cook, Chef Riccardo Giraldo recreates classic Italian dishes with organic Danish ingredients. As the former head chef at Birkemosegaard’s namesake restaurant, his network of farmer friends is vast. The ingredients are top-notch, the entire menu is made from scratch, and the vibe at the restaurant is as warm and welcoming as it gets. Everything about Casamadre says, “Come on in”.


Enjoy a 5-course sharing menu at Casamadre. The menu is chef’s choice, so dishes rotate regularly and reflect the best produce of the season. Here, they always start you off with fresh focaccia, baked in-house daily. You might share a plate of creamy stracciatella, crisp puntarelle, and salty anchovies. Try their handmade pastas, like ravioli filled with slow-braised oxtail, served in a rich tomato-based sauce with pine nuts and raisins. Enjoy a salad of red cabbage, dates, and segmented oranges. Savor beef short ribs glazed in honey and balsamic vinegar. Delight in their signature desserts, such as silky panna cotta with coffee caramel and tiramisu prepared with house-made mascarpone.


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Wednesday - Thursday 17:30-23:30
Friday - Saturday 17:30-24:00


Riccardo and Meme, the couple behind Casamadre, describe the restaurant as their second home, only “bigger and better”. Here, they can host more than a few friends. The food is simple and comforting, just like your Italian “mamma” would have made – if she had fine dining experience and the freshest local ingredients. At Casamadre, they work with small farmers to source seasonal, organic, and even biodynamic produce. The list of natural wines and Danish beers is also lovingly curated, and if you let them twist your arm, you might end up with a negroni in hand.


Tagensvej 67
2200 København N